About Us

Us… that would be Nadine & Winston.  We were hooked on dancing from the very first lesson — Rumba!  30 minutes into the first class, Winston decided “I like this!”  And we’ve stuck to it ever since.  It has become a passion for us.  We spend as much time as we can dancing, teaching and learning.

Winston & Nadine
Winston & Nadine

Our first foray into Argentine Tango was not very good.  We knew we had to find a good teacher who specializes in Argentine Tango, and we did!  We took private lessons, group lessons, workshops, and enjoyed them all.  But after a while, we realized that we were not retaining as much as we should.  So we stopped all the lessons and just started practicing.  Keeping everything simple, focusing on technique and connection.  Once we felt comfortable, we started taking private lessons again.  But we kept the practice going, it is essential to actually learning.  It’s one thing to dance while the teacher is right there to correct you.  It’s another thing entirely to do it on your own, with awareness and precision, to make it become a natural part of your dancing.

Our love of dancing is a natural extension of our love of music — dancing is another way of enjoying music.  And while Argentine Tango can really draw you deep into its culture and history, we cannot let go of the other forms of social dance that are great expressions of their own musical history.

So we dance… and we dance a lot, and there’s a lot of great music to dance to.

And we teach as well.  We love helping others gain a sense of confidence and freedom on the social dance floor.  It’s all about connection, whether in Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing or any of your other social dances.  True lead and follow in all your dances is a wonderful thing! To find out more about our teaching, please visit nulyfdance.com.

If you have any questions, or would like to contact us, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at dance@nulyf.com.

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